Auctions are just for distressed properties, right?


Real Estate Auctions are a unique way to Buy and Sell properties. But they arent just for Banks to unload unwanted properties. Many people utilize the Auction process to make home buying and selling simpler and more efficient.


Real Estate Auction is a method of liquidating real estate property and personal items through competitive real time bidding.  Auctions can be conducted live or by webcast (live bidders compete with internet bidders in real time, meaning you do not even have to be present to win.)  How cool would it be to buy real estate by tapping the phone screen in the palm of your hand.  Real estate auctions can be an exciting method of selling your home and personal items that could become the new future norm.



Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate 43° North in partnership with Rod Fivecoat Auctions, LLC uses a strategic marketing campaign to attain qualified buyers. Properties sold on a specific date and time creates urgency working in your favor as the seller. 

All properties are sold “As Is” with NO contingencies, on a specific date, thereby eliminating further carrying costs. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate 43 North’s aggressive and personalized marketing plans provides a Worldwide Internet Touch, delivering qualified buyers from all over to your property to be sold on a specific target date that you set as the Seller.

The true value of the property is brought out by a competitive bidding process in a professionally executed auction, making everyone a winner. Working with Rod Fivecoats Auctions, LLC &  Angii Walsh, Realtor, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate 43° North means you touch the audience you need through proven marketing techniques following a masterfully crafted plan.




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You have heard about Real Estate Auctions...
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A competitive market sets the right price for your property when it is sold at auction for both Buyer and Seller. As a Seller, you benefit from several advantages when you decide to utilize the auction process to sell a property. Most Auction properties are sold “AS IS”, with NO contingencies or concerns that the property will linger on the market therby eliminating carrying costs and sale is guaranteed at a set date. As a Buyer, you know the Seller is committed to selling the property on a firm date. The competitve nature of an Auction can give a Buyer a strategic advantage and also peace of Mind knowing that a competitive and open market set the final price, not a price that was "made up" by the Seller. There is no back-and-forth negotiations - one day, one time, and the home is sold to the highest bidder...
or winner as we like to call them!

Auctions really are the perfect way to buy and sell properties!


1—Minimum Bid—Before the auction the seller decides the lowest bid that will be accepted for the property.  Once that dollar amount is reached that property will go to the highest bidder.  If the minimum bid is not met the auctioneer will end the auction. 

2—Published Reserve—The lowest price the seller is willing to accept for the property is published in the advertising for the auction.  If the auctioneer isn't able to get the bidding to reach the reserve price, the auctioneer will announce "Sold subject to owner confirmation".  For example, If the reserve on the property is $300,000 and the high bid is $295,000, the owner has a few days to decide if he will accept the offer. 

3—Absolute—The highest bidder wins the property regardless of the amount bid.  There is no reserve price where it will not be sold!  This type tends to attract the most buyers.  It also makes the sellers the most nervous not wanting to sell below market value.  This is where the professionals at BH&G and RFA come into play doing their very best to bring you qualified motivated buyers willing to pay market value.



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